Save over 40% on CardUp fees with your Wirex Visa Card

Supported by partnerships across Singapore

Plus, earn up to 8% in Cryptoback™ rewards on all transactions

and earn miles for your next holiday destination

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Here's an example of how much rewards you can earn just on your existing expenses:

Supported by partnerships across Singapore

Nick uses his Wirex Visa card on CardUp to pay for his insurance, property tax & car loan, amounting to $10,000 yearly

He earns 8% Cryptoback™ rewards (in WXT)1 on all his transactions made on CardUp based on his Wirex elite ultimate tier subscription plan.

He is able to earn S$812worth of WXT Cryptoback™ yearly on the expenses he would otherwise miss out on earning, before using CardUp.

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1Figures shown are for illustrative purposes only, actual cost, and earn rates subject to Wirex X-tras subscription plan.
2CardUp charges a processing fee per transaction to enable card payments in places where you couldn't use your card before. 
In this example, a 1.5% CardUp fee was applied to the calculation. CardUp fee paid = $10,000 x 1.5% = $150. WXT earned = ($10,000 + $150) x 8% = S$812 worth of WXT




How does CardUp work?

Set up payment

Credit card charged

CardUp charges your card plus a CardUp fee to enable your card payments to be made.

Recipient gets paid

Your recipient receives the funds by bank transfer in as soon as one business day, without the need to register with CardUp.

Sit back and earn miles, cashback or WXT on your credit card for every payment made!

You earn rewards

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Create a free account and enter your payment details. Payments can be made in advance and set-up as a one-off payment or on recurring schedules.



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(+65)  3163 9289

Over 40% off on your recurring payments till 31 December 2022

CardUp accepts all major credit cards

With CardUp, you can shift all these payment types traditionally not payable by card onto your Wirex Visa card:

Car loan 

Season parking

Rent & mortgage loan

Condominium fees

Education fees




Electricity bills

...and more

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Bank standard security - PCI compliant

Funds held in safeguarded account for no more than 3 hours

Managed hundreds of millions of dollars in payments

All payments made through CardUp are held to the highest standards of security

Licensed as a Major Payment Institution by the Monetary Authority of Singapore

As featured on

"...the platform acts as a link between cardholders and merchants that don't accept credit cards."

"Tech companies, with their scale, speed to market and digital ethos, have been able to address this and launch payment products in competition with traditional banks."

"...CardUp allows users to make credit card payments to recipients that do not accept cards, such as landlord..."

"...CardUp is a platform that allows consumers to pay for their rents and other expenses by credit card..."

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