A whole new way to earn miles, points and cashback

Supported by partnerships across Singapore

Get more miles, points and cashback when you make big recurring payments with your credit card – even if your recipient doesn’t accept card payments

CardUp accepts all major credit cards

"In a nutshell, CardUp is a swish new online platform that allows you to make big payments using your credit card (even if the recipient doesn’t accept credit cards!)"

- Honeycombers Singapore

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Supported by partnerships across Singapore

rent, school fees, condo fees, taxes, insurance  

Pay your                             with your credit card

Supported by partnerships across Singapore

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Alice uses her credit card to pay rent to her landlord every month

She earns an extra 70,000 air miles for this spend

And takes off on a shopping spree to London!

How CardUp works

01 Set up payment

Create a free account and enter your payment details. Payments can be made in advance, or on recurring schedules.

02 Credit card charged

CardUp charges your card plus a CardUp fee to enable your card payments to be made.

03 Recipient gets paid

Your recipient receives the funds by bank transfer in as soon as one business day, without the need to register with CardUp.

Sit back and earn miles, points or cashback on your credit card for every payment made!

04 You earn rewards

Schedule recurring payments

Set up payments in seconds

Be assured with bank industry standard security

Get reliable support
- we are here for you!

Track all past and future transactions

Receive real-time payment status updates

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Supported by partnerships across Singapore

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