Interest-free up to 55 days

Your invoices get paid on time, and you get to enjoy up to 55 days of interest-free funds until your credit card bill is due. 

Instant access to ready funds

By tapping on your pre-approved credit on your credit cards, there's no lead time required for you to get the funds you require when you need them the most.

Increased productivity

Your payments get a digital trail, making for easier tracking and reconciliation, saving precious hours each month.

With CardUp, you can shift payments currently made by cash, cheque or bank transfers onto your credit cards...


Rent & rental deposits



Season Parking

Car Loans

Supplier invoices


MCST fees

Stamp duty

Business services

...and more

Bank standard security - PCI compliant

Funds held in safeguarded account for no more than 3 hours

Managed hundreds of millions in payments

All payments made through CardUp are held to the highest standards of security

Pay salaries, supplier invoices, rent and more with your credit card

Supported by partnerships across Singapore

and earn miles for your next holiday destination

Improve working capital and earn rewards on your business expenses

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How it works

Set up payment

Credit card charged

CardUp charges your card plus a CardUp fee* three business days before your payment due date.

Recipient gets paid

Your recipient receives the funds by bank transfer, without the need to register with CardUp.

While your recipient has already received your payment on time, you only pay when your next credit card bill is due.

You pay back later

Get started



Create a free account and enter your payment details. Payments can be made in advance, or on recurring schedules.



"CardUp has a unique platform that helps optimise cash flow. There are many ways credit limits can be utilised properly especially in a small team to keep operations going smoothly. Great product, excellent service too. Would recommend!"

Paula's Choice

The Fifth Collection

"With CardUp, we’ve been able to convert most of our monthly business expenses into credit card charges, capturing the miles on these payments to reduce overall travel expenses for our business."

*CardUp charges a fee per transaction to cover the processing costs and to provide a secure service.

Free up cash and earn rewards on business expenses

Maximise your card rewards

Free up your cash on hand

Digitise and automate your payments

Accept card payments for your business

Earn up to 5% cashback or 1.6 miles per dollar on your existing cards with CardUp

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Hold on to cash longer when you pay with your credit card and optimise working capital

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Remove cheque and cash payments, save time and simplify your payment processes

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Let your customers pay by card with no fees or hassle for your business

...letting you enjoy the benefits of using your credit cards for all your business expenses

Enjoy discounted fees on your CardUp payments!

*Valid on first payment of minimum S$1,000 and maximum S$40,000 and eligible for credit card rewards. View full 
Terms and Conditions here.

Only 1.6% CardUp fee*

on first payroll payment

(usual 2.6%)

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Exclusively for Talenox users

COVID-19 Support Package for our business users

CardUp is committed to assisting our business users through COVID-19. 

Get lowered fees starting at 0.9% (u.p. 2.6%) on your rental and 1.45% on your payroll, supplier invoice and business tax payments. We hope these support initiatives will be able to help your business with cash flow, and tide through this period of time. 


Get in touch with us and learn more about how other companies are using CardUp to keep their operations running smoothly

CardUp accepts all major credit cards

Benefits of using your credit cards for all your business expenses

Free up your cash on hand

Pay business expenses on time while deferring cash outflow until your card is due up to 2 months later

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Digitise and automate your payments

Remove cheque and cash payments, save time and simplify your payment processes

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Maximise your card rewards

Earn up to 5% cashback or 1.4 miles per dollar on your existing cards with CardUp

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CardUp supports payments to recipients in:

Malaysia (MYR)

Hong Kong (HKD)

United States (USD)

Australia (AUD)

...and more

COVID-19 Support Package

Lowered CardUp fees#

starting from 0.8%

(usual 2.6%)

Optimise my working capital:


#Credit card rewards will not be earned on transactions using these lowered fees.

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