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"CardUp has a unique platform that helps optimize cash flow. There are many ways credit limits can be utilised properly especially in a small team to keep operations going smoothly. The web platform that enables all this to be done is very intuitive and the SMS function is really very helpful! CardUp delivers important value to any small business owner. Great product, excellent service too. Would recommend!
- Jeremy Tan | PAULA'S CHOICE

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Manage your payments securely, anytime, anyplace

Bank standard security - PCI

Funds held in trust in a safeguarded account

Managed over $100M of payments

Get full visibility on the amount charged on your cards before making your payment - with no additional markups or transaction caps!

"I would like to compliment the CardUp team for being so efficient and responsive to my request which is always handled so professionally! It is wonderful for my company to be able to improve our cash flow by using CardUp services and the same time earning some rewards. The user interface is clean and user friendly too! Keep up the good work guys!

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Here's how international payments with CardUp works:

No additional FX markups from issuing banks

One of the lowest-in-market fees for overseas payments with your credit cards, with no additional FX markups from your card-issuing banks and schemes.

Transparent transaction costs

Get full visibility on both the amounts charged (SGD) on your card and sent to your recipient - no rude shocks when you receive your card bill!

No transaction caps or limits

Unlike other remittance solutions that impose a limit per transaction, CardUp does not impose a cap for your card payment.

By working with licensed remittance partners, CardUp now lets you use your credit card for international and cross-currency payments

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Make international payments with your credit card on CardUp

Bank standard security - PCI compliant

Funds held in safeguarded account for no more than 3 hours

Managed hundreds of millions in payments  

All payments made through CardUp are held to the highest standards of security

Partners with licensed remittance providers with the MAS

Benefits of making international payments using your credit cards with CardUp

By working with licensed remittance partners, CardUp now lets you use your credit card for international payments to your suppliers.

Here's how CardUp compares against other international payment facilities:

If you have a payment of $15,000 to the US:

Telegraphic Transfer

Online Remittance

Credit Card Payments

FX Markup

Transaction Fees

Total effective fees (incl. FX markup)

Credit card rebates

Recipient bank fee: 0.1%
Bank fees: 0.3%
Remittance charge: 0.2%

Total fees: 0.6%


Total fees: 3.25%

Bank fees: 2.25%
Network fees: 1%





0.8% - 1%


0.8% - 1%

From 1.2% per transaction

From 2%

Yes! Earn miles or cashback on your international payments

Directly deposited to recipient's account

The funds are sent directly to your recipient's bank account within just 5 business days.

Better working capital management

By paying with your card, this lets you free up your cash on hand for other initiatives, while you only pay when your card bill is due, upto 58 days later!

Cost savings via credit card rewards

You also get to enjoy credit card rewards such as miles, points or cashback on these payments, bringing you additional cost savings!

Malaysia (MYR / USD)

Vietnam (VND / USD)

Taiwan (TWD / USD)

Australia (AUD / USD) many more!

Indonesia (IDR / USD)

Philippines (PHP / USD)

South Korea (KRW / USD)

India (INR / USD)


Trusted by thousands of individuals and businesses

Shift your international payments onto your credit cards with CardUp today


Select your payment type and enter recipient details

Select the payment type, and input your recipient's country and bank account details


Enter the payment details

Enter the payment amount and details. You will see the live exchange rate booked for your payment, and the amount that will be charged in local currency


Credit card charged

Your credit card will be charged in your local currency after you set up the payment - with no additional FX markups from your card-issuing banks and schemes!


Recipient receives funds

Within 5 business days, your recipient will receive the funds in their bank account, without the need to register with CardUp.

In the meantime, you enjoy the benefits of card payments, such as rewards and extended payment terms!


United Kingdom (GBP / USD)

United States (USD)

China (RMB / USD)

Hong Kong (HKD / USD)

Singapore (SGD / USD / GBP)