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In this e-guide, you will learn about a cheaper alternative to cash advances - leveraging the interest-free period of your credit cards to instantly free up cash on hand.

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There often are many misconceptions around the topic of cash flow. In this e-guide , you will find  19 most commonly-asked questions, and answers!

 In this e-guide, you will learn how to put large business expenses like payroll on credit, allowing your business greater freedom to manoeuvre with cash on hand.

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In e-guide, you will learn in-depth into the 7 available options in the market that can help with business financing in Singapore.

The financial difficulties faced by small businesses have been widely talked about recently. Almost 50 per cent of small businesses fail within the first five years, and a primary reason is lack of sufficient capital. The Spring Singapore SME Financing Survey, for example, revealed that cash flow management is Small and medium enterprises' (SMEs) number one struggle in 2018.

SMEs' cash reserves are not as deep as enterprise-sized companies, which often were unable to have the financial means to weather a storm of any sort.

Without healthy cash flow, it is very difficult for a small business to survive, let alone grow. Couple this with today’s difficult operating environment and the financial struggles for small businesses are clear. We have put together a comprehensive guide on the available financing options in the market that can help SMEs to get through these temporary financial challenges.

...while you enjoy the benefits of using your credit cards

Instant financing with no lead time

No lengthy application processes or heavy collateral and documentation needed

Interest-free credit up to 59 days

Make payments on time, and enjoy 0% interest on your credit card until your next bill is due

Earn credit card rewards

Enjoy miles, cashback or reward points on your existing credit cards for business expenses

More efficiency in the workplace

Eliminate manual cheques and track your payments digitally in the cloud

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The comprehensive guide to short-term cash flow fixes for business