Interest-free up to 55 days

Your invoices get paid on time, and you get to enjoy up to 55 days of interest-free funds until your credit card bill is due. 

Instant access to ready funds

By tapping on your pre-approved credit on your credit cards, there's no lead time required for you to get the funds you require when you need them the most.

Increased productivity

Your payments get a digital trail, making for easier tracking and reconciliation, saving precious hours each month.

Pay rent, taxes and more with your American Express® Singapore Airlines Business Credit Card

Supported by partnerships across Singapore

Earn HighFlyer points on your business expenses and extend your business payables by up to 51 interest-free days1

and earn miles for your next holiday destination


With CardUp, you can shift payments currently made by cash, cheque or bank transfers onto your Card...

Rent & rental deposits


Season Parking

MCST fees



...and more

As featured on

"...the platform acts as a link between cardholders and merchants that don't accept credit cards."

"Tech companies, with their scale, speed to market and digital ethos, have been able to address this and launch payment products in competition with traditional banks."

"...CardUp allows users to make credit card payments to recipients that do not accept cards, such as landlord..."

"...CardUp is a platform that allows consumers to pay for their rents and other expenses by credit card..."

Bank standard security - PCI compliant

Funds held in safeguarded account for no more than 3 hours

Managed hundreds of millions in payments

All payments made through CardUp are held to the highest standards of security

Maximise your Card rewards

Free up your cash on hand

Digitise and automate your payments

Earn 1.8 HighFlyer points per S$1 spent on eligible purchases2, plus bonus HighFlyer points on your CardUp transactions

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Hold on to cash longer when you pay with your Card and optimise working capital

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Remove cheque and cash payments, save time and simplify your payment processes

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...letting you enjoy the benefits of using your Card for all your business expenses

CardUp makes earning Card rewards simple

Set up payment

Credit card charged

CardUp charges your Card plus a CardUp fee three business days before your payment due date.

Recipient gets paid

Your recipient receives the funds by bank transfer, without the need to register with CardUp.

Sit back and earn HighFlyer points2 on your Card for every payment made!

You earn rewards




Create a free account and enter your payment details. Payments can be made in advance, or on recurring schedules.



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The freedom to make credit card payments for all your business expenses

Pay salaries, supplier invoices and more with your credit card

Enjoy discounted CardUp fees on your payment from now till 31 Oct 2020!

...and earn HighFlyer points on your Card like never before!

Supported by partnerships across Singapore

Nick uses his Card on CardUp to pay his business tax amounting to S$8,000 (excluding processing fee3 )

His Card rewards him 14,687 HighFlyer points2 and 15,000 Bonus HighFlyer points5 for this payment

He has earned 29,687 HighFlyer points worth approx. $296 on this payment at only S$159.203 in CardUp fees! He only pays off this bill when it's due later, enjoying up to 51 interest-free days1.


Example for illustrative purposes only
1Up to 51 days interest-free from transaction date and 21 days from statement date
Terms and conditions apply to the benefits and privileges of the American Express® Singapore Airlines Business Credit Card, please click here
 for current Terms and Conditions.
3CardUp charges a processing fee  per transaction




Plus, earn bonus 15,000 HighFlyer points5 when you spend S$6,888 or more cumulatively with CardUp (one-time redemption)

On Business Tax:

1.99% CardUp fee4 (u.p 2.6%)

on first tax payment  

(includes Corporate Tax, Property Tax and GST)

Use code:

Each tax payment must be a minimum of S$2,000 and maximum of S$75,000.

4Users may only redeem either of the Promo Codes on their first CardUp payment. See full terms and conditions here.

Exclusively for Amex HighFlyer Card Members


On Business Rent:

1.99% CardUp fee4 (u.p 2.6%) 

on first 3 rent payments of a 

recurring series

Use code:

Each rent payment must be a minimum of S$2,000 and maximum of S$25,000.


5Offer is only valid until 31 October 2020 and limited to first 500 successfully registered Cards. By saving this offer, you agree to Offer Terms.

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